The Bylaw of the 
Korea Natural Design Association

K    N    D    A 

All curriculums of the Korea Natural Design Association(hereinafter referred to as "The Association") shall be the intellectual properties of this Association and therefore protected by laws. 

Authority and restrictions shall be immediately accrued to those who completed each curriculum and obtained certificate pursuant 

to the Bylaw set forth by the Association and shall be observed by them accordingly.


1. Those who completed each curriculum and obtained certificate (hereinafter referred to as "Instructor" or "Other Associations")    are allowed to provide domestic trainees or foreign trainees with education on curriculums same as those that they completed.   

2. Instructor who obtained each certificate/diploma may make a request for credential evaluation of trainees who completed    courses at this Education Institute of the Association. 

3. Instructor may make some revision(in a narrow sense) of each curriculum to the extent that major framework of curriculum    is not affected adversely when education is provided.     

E.g.) For professional instructor curriculum on Soy Flower Candle, basic recipe shall not be revised, but some additives (including pigments or waxes/in narrow sense) may be added.    

However, any and all basic curriculums of the Association should be educated, and any title of concerned curriculum,    expression or teaching method for concerned curriculum shall not be revised.   

For the Soy P Candle curriculum(subtitle: Cutting Candle), alteration of design which incorporate creative ideas of instructor    shall be allowed.   

 For the Candle Square, some design modifications(in narrow sense; any and all existing curriculums shall be educated)    or addition of one(1) or two(2) works shall be allowed, depending on the competence of instructor.  

4. Copyrighted works of each curriculum may be produced and sold arbitrarily by instructor who obtained certificate.    (However, it shall be allowed only in a narrow sense only for small quantity sale in accordance with the purpose of    handmade works and, in all cases, any branding or sale in large quantity shall require permission of the Association.    Any violation of the provisions set forth in this paragraph may result in penalty or suspension of qualification    in relation to license, suspension of license, and responsibilities under civil and criminal laws.)

5. Instructor who obtained the certificate/diploma for each curriculum may recruit trainees under the title of concerned    curriculum. (Revision to title of curriculum shall be prohibited).

6. In the event that membership application is submitted, specifying the name of business operator, website address(URL),   and address of place of business, instructor may review the same and be introduced the trainees(foreign trainees,   if the ability to communicate in foreign language is indicated) making inquiry to the Association. In addition, any    and all proposals made to the Association, including but not limited to introduction of production order or appearance    on broadcasting, may be offered to instructor. 

7. When aforesaid materials are submitted in connection with the foregoing paragraph 6, the instructor guidance system    shall be operated subsequently to help ensure undisrupted and smooth connection of trainees. 

8. In the event that the license is lost, it may be reissued without delay, provided that certain amount    (issuance fee: USD 35) is paid. 

9. This Bylaw of the Association may be added, depending on circumstance of the Association, and may be amended    according to items.


1. Those trained with curriculum provided by this Association shall be necessarily registered with this Association.    Those qualified by the Association shall be hereinafter referred to as "Instructors of the Association" or "Members of the Association". 

2. In all cases, instructors of the Association shall specify curriculum titles and name of the Association when they recruit trainees (this requirement   shall be always observed because any breach thereof will result in restrictions pursuant to the Framework Act on Private Qualification).

3. Instructor shall provide education to trainees whom he or she has turned out, and thereafter, concerned instructor should be solely responsible    for coping with wrong training or retraining.  (However, counseling service of the Association shall be used in the event of error in curriculum itself    or wrong education provided by this Education Institute.) 

4. Any and all curriculum of the Association and intellectual property rights thereof shall always remain the properties of the Association and any    and all rights thereto shall be reverted to the Association. Thus, those who have completed the courses for certificate/diploma at the Association    shall be entitled to only limited education for concerned qualification and may exercise only the rights pertaining to issuance of certificate,    and any violation of which may result in suspension of qualification. 

5. Any and all curriculums of the Association shall be educated exactly in the manner set forth by the Association. Instructor shall be prohibited    from one-day/special lecture, arbitrary non-application for certificate/diploma, issuance of certificate/diploma by instructor or other associations,    sale of recipe alone, any posting or sale of education contents for free of charge or at a cost(without permission) at any specific    or public location(including the internet sites), unless there is a separate public notice by the Association. 

(Violation of which may result    in the warning first, and if no remedy is made after the warning, responsibility shall be taken under civil and criminal laws    with revocation of qualification. However, warning may be omitted, depending on gravity of concerned matter.)

6. Any arbitrary issuance of certificate or diploma with addition of separate course to curriculums of the Association shall be prohibited.    (However, advanced courses may be provided for the Soy Flower Candle, but separate certificates shall not be issued by any individual    to any person who completed the advanced courses.)

7. In the event of any slight revision to curriculum pursuant to paragraph 3 of the Authority Section for training and recruitment of trainees,    instructors shall not derogate the Association's curriculums or image thereof in the course of business.

8. Instructor shall have the obligation to educate his/her trainees in good faith and earnest.

9. In the event of shutdown of atelier or business by any instructor of the Association or other associations which rented curriculums,    instructor shall manage trainees who completed the courses of the Association with notice to the Association to ensure undisrupted follow-up    management of such trainees. 

10. Any breach of any restrictions specified above may result in penalty and legal responsibility, depending on gravity of concerned matter.     Any breach in overseas countries shall be dealt with in accordance with general international laws.