Overseas notice

K     N     D     A

Notice Changes in Association’s Certificate of Completion/Certificate Issuance/Examination Schedule and Reissuance

1.  Association Certificate of Completion/Certificate Issuance Schedule

Instructors or students who have completed the curriculum through monthly review/issuance
can receive a certificate of completion/certificate of the relevant curriculum smoothly.

※ It will be processed only if the e-mail submission and payment confirmation are completed within the application deadline.

Application deadline

Examination period
Ship date

1 to 15 days

10 days
25 days

16th ~ last day

10 days
10th of next month

In the case of issuance of overseas qualifications, the same procedure is followed.

* If the review period is a holiday, it will be dispatched the next day. For overseas shipments, there may be a 1-2 day delay due to courier registration and computerized procedures.

2. Information on certificate reissuance

If you wish to reissue your certificate/certificate due to loss, damage, or other reasons, please follow the procedure below.

Send the reissuance application to the association via email ( setu@naver.com ) and remit the reissuance fee to the association account at the bottom of the website.

Application form

Instructor name / address to receive certification / contact information / certification number

The cost of reissuing the certificate based on the overseas shipping fee.

issuance cost
North America/South America/United States
50,000 won
50,000 won
45,000 won